Special Postpartum Care in Munich & Grafing by Maj Übelacker               - Massages, Cranio & Postpartum Doula support 



This traditional form of massage and caring with several, up to seven long Mexican cloths is also called "Closing the Bones-Ceremony" and can be done anytime from about 8 weeks after birth to whenever you feel you want to round off your postpartum period (can be after 6 weeks, 6 months, 1 year) and  especially  when you feel like being held could help with centering and coming together, be it bones, body or soul. Wonderful also in other transitions in life, like relocating to another place, burnout, menopause... It can also include oil massage of hands, feet and belly. In France this simple and powerful & gentle postpartum treat is very popular, I hope it will get more known here as well.

Two masseurs, two places...

It needs two people to work with the cloths around you - that can be someone from your side (partner, friend - able to hold space and sit on the ground easily)) or someone from my side (I have some wonderful bodywork colleagues to assist) 

And we can do the ritual preferably at your home, where you can stay cosy afterwards or at my practices, either  at the Praxis für Massage at Ostbahnhof  or at my  Praxis Mothermoon in Bruck near Grafing east of Munich.

At your home we need a quiet warm space and some form of mattress or futon to put on the ground. Best to have a phone chat about the details then, because we surely can arrange something that fits.

The massage & wrapping ritual itself takes about 90min plus time to set up the place, explain how it is done to someone new maybe.... so it would be good if your baby is in good hands for about 2,5 hours. 

So I recommend to plan that earliest about 8 weeks after the birth, preferably later, can also be after some months or a year. 

At your home:

Rebozo-Ritual at home:  all in all ca. 2,5 hrs

Price incl. : € 200 with your helper,  € 350 with my Rebozo-colleague

In the Practices:

ca 2,5 Std.  --- Rebozo € 185 with your helper / € 315  with my Rebozo-colleague

A beautiful gift as well - I am happy to mail a  PDF-voucher  for printing out to you!