Special Postpartum Care in Munich & Grafing by Maj Übelacker               - Massages, Cranio & Postpartum Doula support 

POSTPARTUM DOULA One Day Intensives 

Focus Bodywork & Rituals

One topic per day, can be booked separately - two or three booked together with a discount


1. Postpartum massage with belly massage

2. Rebozo Closing the Bones Ritual (with some other basic Rebozo techniques)

3. Bellybinding (Bengkung, standing and lying down)

4. Placenta magic 

Small groups of 4-6 people - per day €160/person

Please find the information  in German HERE  - the class will be held in German and we can help but not translate all of it... 

For more Info or registering just call or write an e-mail to me - and if you are already sure that you wanna join ... you can register right ✨ HERE with an online form 

Dates for NEXT YEAR 2024 are in the making....  please get in touch when interested 

Supported by Nadine Klose (doula, lactation consultant, courses)