Special Postpartum Care in Munich & Grafing by Maj Übelacker               - Massages, Cranio & Postpartum Doula support 


This is more than normal doula services

AT YOUR HOME   (radius 7km, max. 25min.MVV - if more we can adjust the price a bit)

One-off visit  75/100/120min  *€ 140/160 /180

Packages just 2 hrs

Package of 3 visits with 2 hrs in the first 2-8 weeks after birth  * € 510 instead of  € 540

Package of 5 visits with 2 hrs in the first 2-8 weeks after birth  * € 850 instead of  € 900

Package of 7 visits with 2 hrs in the first 2-12 weeks after birth  * € 1190 instead of  € 1260

You can also choose to have one or two of the visits pre-natally with helpful Cranio or bodywork preparing for the birth and doula tips. And the packages are always 2hr visits and include a get-to-know-each-other-chat and phone/sms-support during that time.


One-off session with 1,5 hours  * € 110

Package of 3 sessions with 1,5 hours from about 6 weeks after birth  * € 310 instead of  € 330

You are looking for your tailormade postpartum care - let us find your most helpful solution... I am open for individual pricing and wishes!

Important to know: my support is non-medicinal and does not replace a midwife's care, but is additional


You can book PRENATAL MASSAGE / CRANIO with me as well, these sessions need to be in one of my practices because of the massage table that is needed then.

Partners in crime... and massage? If you and/ or your partner want to learn simple effective massage tools for pregnancy, birth and beyond, we can do a very individual 2-4 hrs PARTNER MASSAGE MINI-CLASS  just for the two of you or with max. two other couples as well.

Looking for a beautiful, helpful present for a mum-to-be? 

PDF-Vouchers via mail available 

Do you like what I offer and want more info and get to know me? Get in touch - you are welcome to call me.