Special Postpartum Care in Munich & Grafing by Maj Übelacker               - Massages, Cranio & Postpartum Doula support 


These massages in the first 6 weeks can be between 60 and 100 minutes long, with or without your newborn at your side and very simply on a sofa or your bed at your home. There is extra time included in the visits  for tips and tricks and for breastfeeding if needed. You will lie on your belly (works fine for most mums with some support for the breasts) and your back, maybe on your side when your baby needs some food ;)

As it is the most practical, I ask you provide the towels and blankets, you can just stay and rest or sleep after the massage, when I leave (silently). 

Can also include Craniosacral work - Or we can combine the treatment with a Bengkung style bellybinding after the massage for an even better postpartum recovery.

Important to know: my support is non-medicinal and does not replace a midwife's care, but is additional.


After about 6-10 weeks, or whenever you want to leave your home to visit me at my practices - you are very welcome there too.

These massages are my normal 90 minutes long and will be on our massage tables. It can be a regular Postpartum massage with focus on relaxation of shoulders and back and the special belly massage, it can be the Hawaiian traditional Lomi Lomi Nui, that is a ritual for times of change, it can be Craniosacral work or a Rebozo RItual (follow the links please)- And we can find out if this  is helpful to be combined with Bellybinding for the mum - or in case of a need to re-bond with a Bonding Bath and Healing Communication for mum and baby (by Brigitte Meissner).

AT YOUR HOME. (with a radius of 7km, max. 25min. MVV - further away by arrangement/extra travel cost)

ONE-OFF VISIT with 90 /100 /120 min    * € 150 / 160 / 180    

Before you decide on a package, we will always do a one-off session as the first to get to know each other. 

The packages are then always with extra ADD-ONS like milk balls, special tea, for 5 visits plus a massage for Dad, with 7 visits an extra massage for mum in my practice... and the extra time, when it needs a little longer...

PACKAGES JUST 2 HRS. (visits as needed then between 1,5 and 2,5 hrs )

Package of 3 visits / 6 hrs in the first 2-8 weeks after birth  * € 540

Package of 5 visits / 10 hrs in the first 2-8 weeks after birth  * € 900 

Package of 7 visits with 2 hrs in the first 2-10 weeks after birth  * € 1260

Normally can offer to come to you once or twice a week. You can also choose to have one or two of the visits pre-natally with helpful Cranio or bodywork preparing for the birth and doula tips.

You can also choose to have one or two of the sessions prenatally to prepare for the birth with Cranio or massage.


One-off session with 1,5 hrs  * € 110

Package of 3 sessions with 1,5 hrs from about 6 weeks after birth  * € 300 instead of  € 330

A beautiful gift as well - I am happy to send a PDF-voucher  to print out to you!